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Is your league a tackle football league?

We have flag and tackle football.  In our league 5 and 6 year olds play flag football.  Youth ages 7 - 12 play tackle football.


Do I have to buy my own shoulder pads and helmet?

No.  The SCYFA will provide you with helmet, shoulder pads, mouthpiece, chinstrap, 7-pad sets, practice and game pants, and practice and game jerseys, .  At the end of the season each player will keep his game jersey and return all other SCYFA Equipment.


How often do you have practices and when are the games?

Practice usually starts around the last week of July.  For the first few weeks coaches can practice up to 6 days per week.  However, once school starts coaches can only practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Do my family have to live in Shadow Creek Ranch to play or cheer for the Titans?

You must live within STYFA Boundaries in order to participate. Please see the STYFA/SCYFA Boundary Map located on our "contact" page


Where do you practice and where are your games?

We practice and play our home games at Nolan Ryan Jr High School in the Shadow Creek Ranch Community.

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